Bruges, Belgium

The second leg of my tack-on adventure to my Brussels work presentation was a stop over in Bruges, one of the most famous cities in Belgium, primarily for its medieval buildings. First, I passed from Luxembourg to Liege, Belgium, and was able to see a bit of the Luxembourgish countryside on the way, passing closely to both the French and German borders.


As a student of medieval history in undergrad, it was incredible to see the different buildings. The medieval architecture became less appealing, however, as I arrived at my Airbnb and realized that the staircase was at about a 30 degree grade, and that the bathroom in my room was in a loft connected by a ladder. However, I somehow managed not to harm myself or others while accessing either the bathroom or my room, so mission accomplished!

IMG_2103 (1)

I arrived just in time for sundown, and so got my first impressions by night as I explored on foot.

IMG_2101 (1)IMG_2124IMG_2155

My first stop was to a brewery / beer garden, to try the world famous Belgian beer I’ve sampled at home. It didn’t disappoint – there were about a hundred different types to sample, as well as a fun pull down card with ordering instructions. After I was served, I spent a while enjoying my book on the outdoor deck while savoring the drink. This would have been the perfect place to go with friends – if I’m ever traveling with them and make my way back to Bruges, this would be the go-to!

IMG_2140IMG_2141IMG_2142 (3)

Then, my secondary goal was to try moules and frites – and I accomplished this by finding a restaurant that had ample pours of wine, huge pots of mussels, and carafes of french fries for each customer. Win.


The following morning, I got to explore more on foot. It’s amazing how compact the town is, yet how many small alley-ways there are to explore. I had originally intended to stay in Bruges for the full day, but ended up wanting to see a bit of Brussels before the conference the following morning and my flight home the following evening. So, I packed up, wandered the medieval corner and central square, and then caught a train back to Brussels.


Overall, Bruges would be on my list to visit again, if I had reason to be in the proximity. It’s medieval charm definitely did not disappoint!

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