Siem Reap, Cambodia

Today was unfortunately another long travel day, although it really shouldn’t have been (the total flight time was about 2 hours). However, we have arrived in beautiful Cambodia, and were escorted to our hotel by a very friend tuk tuk driver.


We haven’t seen much, but we’re within walking distance to most of the main attractions here in Siem Reap, and have booked the best Siem Reap guide for a full tour of several of the temples and other sights over the next couple days. Our hotel is very nice, filled with thick carved wooden pieces and decorated in a seemingly traditional fabric.

DSCN0800DSCN0798We also booked the Giant Ibis bus to Phnom Penh, so finally every leg of our trip is officially accounted for.


Stay posted for plenty of pictures tomorrow and over the next several days! I’m incredibly excited since I’ve wanted to come here for a very long time.


One thought on “Siem Reap, Cambodia

  1. Glad you are safe in Cambodia. North Korea detonated a Hydrogen bomb yesterday. No damage but uncertainty for North and South Korea.

    Love your blog posts


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