Montespertoli, Italy

After our time in Florence, we headed up into beautiful Tuscany, to a boutique hotel / winery. The views as we drove up to the winery were absolutely stunning – much like Hof bei Salzburg, there were no complaints from us.

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We primarily spent our time over the next day enjoying glasses of wine, sitting by the pool soaking up the Tuscan sun when it wasn’t drizzling, and eating a phenomenal amount of pasta and burrata. At this point, I think I’d consumed probably 1/5 of my body weight in sour cream since arriving in Europe, and probably at least 1/4 of my body weight in burrata. No complaints, I’ll tell you that.


After Montespertoli, we were scheduled to continue directly to Lisbon, Portugal as part of our stop-over back to the US, but unfortunately (?) had flight delays and were forced (tragically) to head back to Florence for another evening. Of course, we went back to Gargani and continued our indulgence in all things pasta.

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