Alpine views in Switzerland / Northern Italy

Sadly, much of our time in Lucerne was foggy and didn’t allow for the views we had initially hoped we would have over the lake. However, as New Years eve approached, we got a little treat: a natural lessening of the fog and cloud cover above the Alps, giving us some breathtaking views. The first evening, the clouds dissipated for a beautiful view as the clouds receded.


The following morning, we ended 2019 with a hike in the Alps, walking from Burgenstock mountain to the villa Honegg hotel and up to Hammetschwand. Unfortunately, the elevator up the mountain (the longest exterior elevator in Europe!) was closed, so we took on the five or so mile hike, hoofing it the whole way. However, we were rewarded with some incredible views!


There was similar cloud cover over Lake Lucerne, but we were able to get a near 360 degree view over the course of the hike and from the peak.


I ended the day with a nice bath with a view over the lake – doesn’t get much more picturesque and relaxing than that!


As we made our way down to Bologna, Italy, we passed a couple beautiful lakes, including Lake Como. I can see why celebrities flock there – it’s unbelievably beautiful!


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