Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

After a grueling project, I decided it was time to flee to the Caribbean for a vacation, both to clear my head and to see something other than the inside of an office. Doing research, we discovered that Grand Cayman is actually quite close to the US compared to other Caribbean islands, and promised one of the best beaches in the world: Seven Mile Beach. After confirming the hotel, we quickly redeemed our tickets and started planning for our island escape.


Upon flying in, the views are truly breathtaking. I have been to several countries I would consider part of the Caribbean, in one form or another – Puerto Rico, Cuba, Curacao, parts of the Costa Rican Caribbean coast – and this was the first time I truly understood what people mean when they talk about white sandy beaches. It was absolutely stunning.


After a quick drive from the airport, we were quickly informed that Carnival was taking place during our stay, and that we could watch the parade coming just in front of the hotel almost immediately after arriving. Of course, we were game to match the merriment and amazing displays of feathers and flesh during the parade.


After the parade ended, we decided to check out the main attraction: the beach. To be honest, we spent the vast majority of our time during our 5 day stay on the beach, lounging about. The sunsets were incredible (full disclosure, as the author of the blog, I am fully entitled to host as many sunset photos as I want).


Our main adventure, outside of enjoying pina coladas and watching other folks take advantage of the shore-side water activities, was going out to Stingray Cay, where a group of stingrays have largely been domesticated through years of fishing by a family. They are now gentle and associate people with food, making it the perfect photo opportunity. Apparently, kissing a stingray brings seven years of good luck – here’s hoping!


The catamaran ride took us through crystal clear blue water, and was the perfect venue for catching the sun.

IMG_3014IMG_3010IMG_3006 (2)

Back at the resort, we spent the rest of our time bumming it, moving lazily between the pool, the pool bar, the beach bar, and the beachfront seats, taking it all in. On our final day, there was a neat-looking storm which rolled through – I thought the natural contrast was beautiful.

IMG_3085 (1)

If I had to recommend a beach to return to, I’d definitely go with Seven Mile Beach!


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