Savannah, GA, USA

I rarely post about my domestic travel, since I often am traveling for business and don’t want to give too many clues as to where I (and my clients) are currently located. However, I felt drawn to post about my short weekend stay in Savannah, GA, as it was such a fun experience.


Not many folks realize that I actually lived in Savannah at one point, just after moving back to the USA with my family in 2001. My grandmother lived on Tybee Island, and some of my first real memories of the US are from this small town in Georgia.

I have to say, it’s retained its small town charm in a way that Nashville (another previous home of mine), is quickly unable to. Our Uber drivers were all middle aged women, eager to hear the scoop on why we were in Savannah – was it our honeymoon, or perhaps were we getting engaged? Sadly for her, we’re just transplants to the Northeast (or… a home grown New Jersey-an in one case), so getting engaged in the early twenties isn’t quite the norm.


That being said, it was great getting back, wandering along the river, and eating some good southern cooking. Plus, we got upgraded to a suite at the hotel, and I have to say – it didn’t disappoint.


We ate our first meal at the Pink House, which is a great upscale southern cooking restaurant, located in – you guessed it – a Pink House.


We then took a ghost tour (a tradition of mine when I travel domestically, if there are good spooky vibes to a city), which was a fun way to see the city by evening. No ghosts, but some interesting history learned along the way.

The following day, we enjoyed the central arts district, grabbed a couple drinks to go, and then made our way to eat some amazing barbecue. My chief complaint with living in the Northeast is that there is no good barbecue, despite what Mighty Quinn’s or any other “trendy” bbq place tries to convince you.


Then, we made our way out to the beautiful grove Savannah is known for, and took a long walk to the historic sites at the state park.


Unfortunately since our stay was so short, our itinerary ended shortly after we made it back to the hotel, as we both had to fly to our respective cities for work. However, it was a great, easy weekend getaway.

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